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About Metro-Pointe Massage Therapy & Active Health

Melissa has been a practising RMT in Burnaby since 1997, sharing the same office space with collaborating Chiropractors and then, in 2013, with additional RMT’s, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors. As she had a number of mentors during that time that were very generous with their knowledge, it is now time for her to pay it forward to other entrepreneurial therapists growing, or continuing, their practice.

We are a patient-centred multidisciplinary clinic focusing on assessment, creation of an individual treatment plan, treatment of the musculoskeletal injuries, patient recovery, and patient education. Our goal is to help the patient move beyond their current condition and achieve their desired optimal health and performance for an improved quality of life and activity.

Your Health Team

We are a group of duly qualified and registered therapists, in the Province of British Columbia, working collaboratively towards patient recovery using evidence-based techniques. We believe in educating our patients and providing them with the tools to achieve long term success with getting them back to, and maintaining, living their best healthy life.

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